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from your knowledgebase
to draw up your next document.

Your new report, note-taking, summary, research, guide is just one click away.

All-in-one research and reporting

Type your questions to retrieve information,
Pick up the answers to compile your booklet.

How it works

Query. Collect. Create.
Your knowledge, your answers, your content.
All in one place.

Upload your knowledge base on Paragraphs, ask a question, and retrieve the precise snippet of text containing the information you are looking for.
Gather the paragraphs with all the answers you need into a booklet, while the reference sources will be automatically tracked. You will be notified when the original files are deleted or changed.
Organize the selected paragraphs and add your personal touch with extra text blocks to compile reports, note-taking, summaries, researches, guides and much more. Ready to share your new booklet with whoever you want.

Without Paragraphs - With Paragraphs

search in documents better
You don’t have an efficient instrument to search for information through your knowledgebase
Just ask questions in natural language, without the need to tag and categorize content.
tangle of documents
When you create a new document you have to manage and keep track of different sources located in different places
Every paragraph, section, and file you add to your booklet maintains the link to the original source.
disconnected from sources
You are not constantly updated on the status of your documents: you don’t know when the original files are modified or deleted
Get notified when the original files undergo any change: you can choose whether to update the related content or not.

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extract data from documents more efficiently

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