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Go straight to the answer
when searching across your files

The search platform that makes you find information
even in chaotic documentation

Never-ending searches?
Mismatched results?
Digital hoarding?

We’ve got you covered.

Knowledge is nothing
without a powerful search platform


You can import all types of Office or PDF files and there is no need to organize, categorize or tag contents to make them searchable.


You can type questions and you will receive the precise paragraph with the relevant information directly from your documents.

It’s free. No credit card required.

Without Paragraphs -
With Paragraphs

You have scattered documentation and silos of information, so you have to keep your files organized if you want to find content quickly.
Don’t waste your time in the organization, we’ll find the answer.
When you use the search function in your applications, you will get an entire document to read.
Get only the relevant paragraph with the information you are looking for.
When you want to keep track of relevant information you have to manage the copy and paste between different locations.
Save the search results that you need in just one click.

Finding information inside your files
has never been easier

extract data from documents more efficiently

Are you ready?